Couriers – Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need my own vehicle?
No, you do not need a vehicle to do deliveries, you can use the public transport. Of course, you can use a car, a van, a lorry, a motorcycle or even a bicycle.
Will I get a uniform from Zap Delivery?
No, as a freelancer, you do not need a uniform, but your dress code should be smart casual when you see our customers. Shorts, slippers or mini-skirts are not appropriate attire.
If I forget the password of my account, what should I do?
Please call our Customer Service Office at 68160066 and we will try our best to help you.
I have some changes in the driver license and documents. What should I do?
Please send us a scanned copy of your new license and inform our Customer Service Office at 68160066.
How do I get started as a Zap courier?
You can download the Zap Courier app (blue one) and sign up. After you submit the application via the mobile app, you need to come down to our office with your NRIC, driving licence, photo of vehicle plate number, and a photo of youself. We will activate your account after verification. Then, you can start your work immediately.
What's the benefits to become as a Zap Delivery courier partner?
You can set your own hours and be in control of your schedule and you use your own free time to earn money . The more parcels you deliver, the more you will earn.
How do I receive orders?
You will be notified of the jobs via the Zap Delivery Courier app (BLUE colour). In the event that the app goes under maintenance, you shall receive the notifications through SMS or watsapp.
Does Zap provide packaging service?
Sorry, we do not provide packaging service currently. Do check that the customer have packed their items properly during collection.
What size of items should Zap deliver?
Zap delivery can deliver any document with size below 10*30*30cm (and weight <= 1kg) or any parcel with size below 30*30*40cm (and weight <= 10kg). But you can choose the right items which suitable to your own vehicles. So, do pay attention to the details of every order.
How long should I complete a delivery?
For a single job, you will need to complete the delivery within 2 hours from the time you pick up the item; For the bulk job, you will need to complete the deliveries in the same day.
What shall I do if I cannot find the sender or recipient?
Contact the customer a little bit later. You may also schedule a re-delivery. If you cannot reach the recipient on the second try, return the parcel to sender or contact Zap Delivery Customer Service at 68160066 for assistance.
What if the customer deleted the SMS with the security code?
Contact Zap Delivery Customer Service at 68160066 for assistance.
Do I have any official working days/hours?
No. You are not an employee of Zap Delivery, but our partners. You control your own working hours and time. Zap Delivery is 24/7. You can accept the jobs as and when you receive the notifications.
Do I have a basic salary?
No, you do not get a basic salary but you control how much you earn as a self-employed. You earn as much as the jobs you fulfill and you are in control of how much you want to earn.
How often do I get paid?
Zap Delivery will credit your earnings into your account via bi-weekly direct deposit, on the 7th and 17th of the next month respectively.
Does Zap Delivery contribute CPF to my earnings?
No, you are considered self-employed and you will have to contribute your own CPF monies as you deem fit.
Does Zap provide any insurance for me?
Sorry, we don't have that currently.
Can I ask the customer for a tip after the delivery?
We have a strict no tip policy and all our payments have to be cashless. You do not handle cash as a courier partner and this is to safe-guard your interests too.
How does user ratings impact me?
Users will rate the couriers. Good ratings on your profile will allow higher priority in job allocations and a chance to be in our Zap Elite Courier Partners team; Low rating accounts will be investigated and blacklisted as deem necessary.
What kind of actions will result in being blacklisted?
1. ask for cash or other fee directly from the sender or the recipient;
2. pick up an item/items (document or parcel) but keep it for yourself;
3. malicious conduct which damages Zap's reputation or credit;
4. refuse to compensate when you damaged or lost a parcel;
5. divulge of our business information;
6. unneccesary conflict or dispute with any of our customers;