Individual Users

How do I create a Zap Delivery account?
You can download the Zap Delivery app (pink one) and sign up with your mobile number. You will also need to input your credit or debit card details during sign up. Then you can place order via the app immediately and the costs are transparent to you. There is no hidden cost.
How to make any change to my account profile
You can login the mobile app and edit your profile anytime you want. Please make sure your mobile number is correct so that we can contact you immediately if there is anything urgent.
Why do you need my mobile phone number?
Our service center can contact you if there is a need or our courier will contact you if he/she cannot find your place.
Can I share my Zap Delivery account?
No, you would better not. We have a security system that will send you authentication code directly. Please ask your friends to sign up if they need to order a courier service.
What can I deliver with Zap Delivery?
You can ship anything except dangerous items such as explosives, guns, drugs etc which cannot be delivered.
What can Zap Delivery deliver?
Documents: size below 10*30*30cm and weight <= 1kg);
Parcels: size below 30*30*40cm and weight <= 10kg;
When can we deliver?
Zap is available 24/7, so you can place order anytime, day or night, whenever you want your item delivered.
How do I place an order?
Login to the Zap Delivery app, input the sender address, recipient address and size of your package. Then the system will automatically compute the fee for you. After you complete the payment information, our courier will reach your location and pick up your package asap.
How should I input the addresses?
Please enter the full addresses of the sender and recipient, including street / road name, number, block number, unit number and postal code, as available.
Can I select the timing of when the items are collected and delivered?
Sorry, we do not have this service at the moment. However, if it is meant for a birthday surprise or you need specific timings for your item to be delivered, please contact our customer service at 68160066.
Which areas in Singapore do Zap Delivery not deliver?
Zap Delivery delivers your item to everywhere in Singapore, including Tuas but excluding Jurong Island.
Can I send multiple parcels, picking up from one location and then send to different locations?
Yes. You can add multiple parcels on your delivery request. Each parcel will have its own tracking number.
How soon will my order request be confirmed?
The estimated response time will be 5-10 minutes from the time you submit your order to getting a courier accept the order.
Can I change my order after I submit it?
Yes. You can change it on the mobile app before the courier pick it up, and we will send you a new quotation and refund the fee you paid previously. But if the courier has left your place, you cannot change the order.
Can I cancel the order after receiving a confirmation?
Once a courier has accepted your order, no change or cancellation is allowed. But if the courier has not pick up your parcel, you can cancel it and the delivery charge will be refunded to you.
I have placed an order but no driver assigned yet. Is my order confirmed?
Yes, your order is confirmed. There is an order number assigned to you and Zap Delivery's system will automatically notify couriers near your pick-up location. If there is no courier response after 10 minutes, please feel free to call our service centre.
Do I need to pack my items?
Yes, you have to pack your items into a single package appropriately to prevent damage and seal it. Our courier will pick up the item as it is.
What information is needed on the labels?
Please write or print the delivery information (including the pick-up address, drop-off address and contact person, contact number if needed and some specific instructions if any) and attach it securely on your parcel.
How long will it take to complete a delivery?
Your parcel will be delivered within 2 hours from the time the courier pick it up.
How to track my parcel?
You can track your parcel in real-time, from our mobile app, whenever and wherever you want to, after the courier picks up your parcel.
How do I know if my parcel has been delivered?
The status of the delivery will be updated on Zap Delivery app and you will receive an SMS when the courier completes the delivery.
What if no one is around to receive the parcel?
We will make a redelivery at the earliest available time at no additional cost. However, if the parcel still cannot be delivered on the 3rd attempt, it will be returned to the sender with a $5 return fee.
What if I received a notification that my item has been successfully delivered but my customer has not received it?
Please contact our customer service centre at 68160066 immediately.
Is my package safe?
Please make sure you pack your item properly and carefully before delivery. You will get compensated up to S$250 if the courier lose or damage your item.
How long does it take for Zap to process my refund for lost parcels?
Zap Delivery's refund policy states that the refund will be completed within 14 days from date of cancellation / report.
How do I pay for the delivery?
Payment is done entirely through the Zap Delivery app and is completely cash-free! You will pay by credit or debit card.
How much does a delivery cost?
Our system will automatically compute the cost to you. Delivery starts at $5 and depends on the size of your parcel and the distance from the sender to the recipient.
What shall I do if I receive a failed payment notification
Please use another debit or credit card to try or contact your bank to check.
Can I get a receipt or e-receipt on my order?
You will automatically receive an e-receipt each time you submit an order if you have provided us with a correct email address upon signing up.
Can I trust your courier?
After the basic background check, all couriers go through a detailed training at Zap Delivery, and at the end of the training, passed a quiz before they are activated. Every sender gets to rate the courier who served them.
What shall I do if I am not satisfied with the courier's service?
You can give the courier a low rating via the Zap Delivery app or feedback to our customer service centre at 68160066 for help.

Business Users

How do I pay to Zap Delivery?
You can pay via cheque or bank transfer.
How often do I need to pay Zap Delivery?
An invoice with a 7 days credit will be sent to you. You can pay via cheque or bank transfer.
Is there any insurance for my parcels?
Yes, we are liable for the value of your parcel up to S$250 if the parcel is lost or damaged during the delivery.
Can my customers pay for their own return deliveries?
No, all deliveries are billed to the sender.
Does Zap provide two-way delivery?
Yes, we can provide two-way delivery, please feel free to contact Ophelia at 9758 1088 for more information.
What kind of packages can I deliver?
We deliver any document with size below 10*30*30cm (and weight <= 1kg) or any parcel with size below 30*30*40cm (and weight <= 10kg). If you wish to deliver packages in excess of these weight/size limitations, please contact Ophelia at 9758 1088 for a discussion.
How long will it take to complete a bulk delivery?
We can deliver as fast as the same-day your customers order.
Shall we get a training about how to use Zap4Biz platform?
Yes, contact sales at sales@zap.delivery and we will arrange a suitable timing to show you our Zap4Biz platform.
Why partner with Zap Delivery?
Zap Delivery partners you to drive deliveries with technology, offering fast, secure and reliable services to your customers. It can be pre-arranged or delivered in the same day, as long as it impresses your customers.