Interesting scenes of courier services around the world

12 April 2016

Most of us learnt and saw from the TV that pigeons, runners and men on horses were the most often used tools for delivering secret messages and packages. Whether it is 100 years ago or today, it wouldn’t be too exaggerating to say that we have become very dependent on courier services with all the convenient advantages they provide. And why of course, especially with the current online shopping craze that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon! As courier services become increasingly common, competition also becomes inevitable. In its bid to win the hearts and support of consumers and its clientele, courier companies are coming up with new ways to please their customers!

Think you have seen it all? Here’s a sneak peak at the most interesting sights and courier methods deployed by courier service companies around the world!

#1 China

Piles of goods. Where time and balancing is everything.

Image Source: French photographer Alain Delorme

#2 Australia

A carful of apples, anyone?

Image Source:

#3 New York City

Bike courier specialist who’s always ready to pick up and deliver your item throughout the nation at just a moment’s notice.

Image Source:

#4 United Kingdom

Sending a sofa to your new home? Give it to someone who’s driving that way. Check out Nimble, the “Airbnb” version of delivery!

Image Source:

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